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Why I liked my b-day gifts and why Axe is ridiculous


Well, I said I'd get pictures, but unfortunately, we can never seem to have batteries charged for our cameras.  Oh well.

The only thing that a picture would help with is the belt-strap back scrubber, which looks vaguely like this:

The mesh bag with the soap should be obvious enough, I hope.

Now I figure I'm a butchie kinda guy– I don't want to mess with any froo-froo sort of stuff.  Most of the time, I want something practical, quick, handy, and simple.  Now I said I like something that has a simple, clean scent, and I generally like grabbing a bar of soap for quick use, compared to a body wash, which I could use my hands for, but that tends to be messy.  I also said before that I think loofahs are likely germ factories.  Washcloths are nice– but as this scrubber is washable, I'll probably use this often enough.

So that leads me to most Axe products.  You might be familiar with their "body spray" stuff.  All right, I'll admit to using it to cover up flatulence, but otherwise, it's in the same category as bad colognes/perfumes.  In my opinion, it is better to do a good job scrubbing up with something nice-smelling than to use that stuff, which too many folks tend to apply too much of (especially the ones you can smell 15 feet away).  emily sears and I were discussing the stuff in her post here (I was saying that apricot scrub is okay for use by me) and I got thinking about it.

So then Axe comes up with this loofah that they call a "shower detailing tool":

It basically looks like a loofah wedged in a yo-yo.

But the thing itself isn't what's ridiculous– it's the swaggering, half metrosexual, half macho tone they use in their marketing:

…as if it was necessary to convince young teenage or adult men that this is not girly, it's sexy.  Not to mention the name.  Instead of simply calling it something like "loofah disc", we get "Detailer Shower Tool".  It's such a hypermasculine response that… well, it sounds like it belongs in a retro gay porno, really.

So silly.

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3 thoughts on “Why I liked my b-day gifts and why Axe is ridiculous

  1. That actually looks quite frightening. Like it belongs in an early Woody Allen movie, if he did gay porn.


  2. LOL….
    A tool.
    I'm with you….how silly !!


  3. Thank Goodness!Shower detailing tool..we were drinking tea in front of the TV, and I sprayed tea all over the coffee table.Tool, indeed.p.s. IMO, nothing smells better than soap and water and rinsed off shaving foam on a man.


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