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Cimmy and Locks of Love


Cimmorene has been growing out her hair very long, considering donating some of the length to Locks of Love.

Today she mentioned my mother (blunt and a bit obtuse as usual) saying that she should have her hair cut to the length it was in our "engagement picture":

but we were both much thinner then, which is about as delicate as I can put it.

I'm sure she could use a lot of support right now.

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Author: jaklumen

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4 thoughts on “Cimmy and Locks of Love

  1. You're both gorgeous! And Cimmy, your hair is exquisite – lovely color and shiny — any length will be lovely!I know a hair stylist who styles wigs and hairpieces for cancer patients and who has participated in Locks of Love events– she says that it's one of the most wonderful things a person can do; it's truly a gift of love.*waves*


  2. You both look SO cute in that picture! And happiness and contentment shine far more than beauty- I'm sure she will look wonderful no matter what she does.


  3. Thank you so much, both of you.
    I was mainly thinking of cutting it because it is so HOT! (refraining from using a choice expletive or two in that last sentence) I can't even go to church without bringing my fan, which my baby son never fails to grab, along with my hair and my glasses. Baby grabbiness is another reason that I was considering cutting it.
    However, I do like having it long. It's been 33 years since it was this long. (I chopped my bangs when I was six and, as punishment, my mom took me to a beauty salon where they removed a good deal of the rest of it). Since then, whenever I would try to grow it out long, my impatience would supercede my desire for length and I would have it shortened again. Now it's long enough that I can put it into nice long braid, which I also occasionally have trouble with because my hair keeps coming out of it strand by strand (more expletives withheld here).
    Anyway, then I had my kids and the wonderful hormones did really nice things for my hair. It's at about the middle of my back right now. I may try to grow it to my waist before I think of donating it to Locks of Love. That would be a nice length, right? TTFN


  4. I may have hit a snag anyway. My hair has been long for quite a while and, of all people, my daughter is the one least likely to adapt to change quickly. I asked her what she would say if I cut my hair to donate to locks of love and she said I could do that if that's what I wanted to do, but she likes it long. I should clarify. Now that it's long, it's really fun for her to comb and brush and mess with it and, since it's a bear to detangle at this length, I often let her brush it for me. I know I shouldn't make a hair decision based on the whims of my six-year-old daughter, but it would be nice for her to approve the change.


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