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More pictures of the storage closets


Food storage closet #1
Food Storage closet #2

Well, as you can see (eh, they are vertical for starters since I uploaded them all at once through the default uploader) we once again forgot to take any "before" pictures.  The first three are of the closet on the north side, and the last is of the closet on the south side.

The north closet got the biggest makeover.  Understand, Cimmorene assembled those shelves herself and then pulled out ALL the junk that was in there.  I lend a hand as I could, and passed her food to place on those shelves (i.e., they are for food storage purposes).  As I said in my other post, I went to our pantry inside and pulled out the things we wanted to store out here.  I also sorted school books and such (as I also referred to in the other post) as per my promise.  Some I wanted to keep.  Some of them will be taken for cash at our local Book Worm bookstore, and the rest will be donated to a thrift store.  Some were borrowed from my father, and I spoke with him today about returning them.

The south closet had a plastic drawer set that was holding our last food storage setup.  We decided to dispose of it.  The goal was to make sure items were away from the furnace (it's to the right in that picture).  Cimmy proudly showed it to our apartment manager and apparently we should pass that part of an apartment inspection the next time it comes up.

One picture I forgot to take a picture of was the porch between the two closets.  This was another work in progress.  See, I set up bins to separate our recycling– a bit messy at times, but it's about the only way Princess gets any cash.  We had worked hard to get a setup that was neat and relatively tidy before.  Today, it was mostly about removing the dust from the concrete and the doormats we had set out.  There is not much grass along that porch (as part of the complex's outer area) and so dust is a problem.  We hope that our current management, who has been very "go-to" about repairs and maintenance, will eventually put in some grassa to fill in the bald spots.  Then again, they will have to fill the big rut in the dirt my daughter made.

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2 thoughts on “More pictures of the storage closets

  1. I worked on those stupid storage closets from 11 AM until nearly dinner time and I'm still very very tired, but not as purely exhausted as I was after this job. See, what happened is that I went to the food bank that morning and it seemed cool; smelled like rain, which would have been quite nice. So I decided that, since the weather was cooperating, I would dig in and take care of the mess in our storage closets. I pulled out box after box and went through it all before carting the boxes, one at a time, to the complex's dumpster. I managed to completely fill that dumpster in the process. Thankfully, that all goes out today some time. The most freakishly frustrating part of the whole thing is that we had neighbor kids hounding us for the "cool" stuff that we were tossing. The more stuff I put into that dumpster, the more we had kids attempting to dig through it all to find the "good stuff". Not to mention that three of the neighbor boys kept hanging around our porch while I was hauling stuff out and whining for whatever toys I might possibly be throwing out. Maddening.
    Anyway, it was all a matter of pawing through all the boxes to see if there was anything in them worth keeping. Perhaps next month, I'll get another set of shelves so that things are easier to get at and I don't have to yank everything out in order to get at the Christmas box. Anyway, you'll notice that there is a set of shelves in the center that's mainly old milk crates and duct tape. I figured we needed to do something with them, and that was the best thing I could think of. What I'm looking forward to the most is eventually having all those shelves filled with food storage. It will be something of a bear to move all of that, but it's worth it to be able to say that we now have a place to store food for times harder than the ones we're already in.


  2. It's a lot of work.. and tiring. But oh, so great when it's done. I'm happy for all of you. You're inspiring me to pick up the pace in my own re-organizational efforts.


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