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More adventures in Ubuntu.

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I would call it an adventure, too.

Here's the xkcd (one of the webcomics I read) view of Ubuntu, currently, compared to other Debian variants:

Now, an absolute comparison to Vista isn't terribly apt.  Hardy Heron, the particular build I went with, boots up MUCH faster than my installation of XP, even with SP3.  It might be due to a botch of mine– I accidentally installed XP twice (I think one of them is minus the Service Packs).  But, regardless, load times with Ubuntu are faster and quite a few things run smoother.

But Hardy Heron is apparently very buggy.  Before I downloaded the latest updates, sometimes things would crash without warning.  But still, it was better than things with Windows– no blue screen of death, and Ubuntu would simply return to the user login screen (comparable to the "Welcome" screen for Windows).  After the updates, I get a slew of error messages on shutdown, although the system does shut down at a reasonable pace– the error messages being more of a big hiccup at best.

As shush now found, Hardy was released with the fifth beta of Firefox 3.  I had ran the 1st through 3rd betas on XP, so I was not surprised that all of my VOX formatting was shot to hell.  I think it was on the "Hacking VOX" group that I found a Greasemonkey script that switched between the rich text editor VOX uses and raw HTML code.  My skills are lacking, but I know enough HTML code to get some formatting back.  The rest of the time, I just have to cut and reposition links or text.  At the moment, I can't be bothered to switch to another browser that's still putting up with Microsoft quirks.

I mentioned the owner of Alphabit Computers a few times– usually as that "computer junk dealer".  He had recommended giving SuSE a spin, but even with an openSuSE distro, I'm not sure I want to muddle with a Novell Networks OS right now.  Seemed prone to limitations, so I can't be bothered with that just yet.  I have ONE desktop at home, NOT multiple desktops to play with.

Cimmy is quite happy with Vista, so I don't dare mess with the lappy.  As a general rule, no one touches it without her say-so.  That's fine.

Some of you might be thinking, "yada yada geek Greekspeak" (y'know, "it's all Greek to me"?)  Sorry about that.  I have indicated before that this is an eclectic blog.  Smile and nod if you have no idea, but if you do know what I'm talking about– and you know who you are– I'd love to hear some more thoughts.

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