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May is Mental Health Month


                          <div>         As a man living with bipolar mood disorder, advocacy for mental health is pretty important to me.  I know some of you reading very much agree that mental illness should be released from the stigma that is still unfortunately attached to it.

Mental Health America  (formerly National Mental Health Association) has a page devoted especially to Mental Health Month 2008.  I was pleased to see they had resources for stress management on that page, implying that good mental health is a concern for everyone, and not just those with specific conditions.

The LiveJournal team decided to make their V-Gift for Charity to the Depression and Bipolar Alliance— I was hoping there would be a similar effort at VOX, but at the moment, there is not.  (VOX does not offer V-gifts that I can see.)

Spread the word– Cimmy and I would appreciate it so much.  I'll leave it to her to share her experience.


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Author: jaklumen

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2 thoughts on “May is Mental Health Month

  1. Fine post — and it's time for things to change.Seriously.


  2. I've been depressed since I was ten, a disorder commonly called dysthymia. Dysthymia is often like depression light with periods of major depression, often called "double depression," thrown in for good measure, rather like grotesque chocolate chips. The most distinctive characteristic about dysthymia, though, is that it tends to last for years, so that the affected person forgets what it's like to feel good. Though dysthymia isn't as sever as major depression, it still gets in the way, sometimes keeping the affected person from living up to his or her own potential. Dysthymia is often overlooked, sometimes even by the person experiencing it. Everyone knows the word depression and what it means and most of everyone is familiar with the term "bipolar disorder" or "manic depression" which is what they use to call it. Dysthymia, however, is less known because the people that are living with it acclimate (they get use to it). Until recently, I knew I was often depressed and easily at that, but only recently did I realize that I had always been depressed, just to a lesser extent most of the time. Only a few weeks ago did I learn the term "dysthymia." The problem with this, of course, is that people don't tend to understand. They think, if you don't look sick, you're probably not sick and, quite often, people with dysthymia don't look sick.
    Jaklumen and I are hoping very fervently that the extra attention of having May be mental health month will bring our own particular disorders and other even less known ones into sharper focus our community. Please tell your friends that May is Mental Health Month. Thank you.


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