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QotD: Almost Famous


What do you want to be famous for?
Submitted by bluemoon07.

Fame is overrated.  Quick example and ancedote:

When I was in third grade, my elementary school teacher (Dave Ingersoll– his brother Monte is a local Christian vocalist) produced a musical titled "The Runaway Snowman" for the students in third through fifth grades.  (No recordings of those performances exist, so the audio clip is a recreation, as best as I can remember the character.)  I had the part of Happy the Snowman, the title role.

I remember a few of the thoughts that went through my head during the performances to the whole community: 'If you just think of it as playing pretend, and ignore the crowd out there some, you shouldn't get stage fright.'  So, for the most part, acting the part was fairly easy.  But the fame, by contrast– that I didn't know how to deal with.  Why were all these kids, most older than I was, all complete strangers, coming up to me?  'Hey, weren't you the snowman?'  'Do Happy the Snowman.'  There would be a cute girl or two, but, heh, third grade, remember?  It seemed overwhelming.

Several years later (I was in two musicals since, one in fourth grade, and one in… seventh or eighth), I was in a high school play, as I was taking a drama class to fulfill an English requirement.  It was a spoof of detective stories, and I was playing a parody of Joe Friday.  But I was also working on the stage design; my project was painting backdrops and applying muslin strips.  I remember being more satisfied with my stage hand work than I was my acting part.  Working with the student techs was much more fun than working with the students that were acting and directing– the techs were much more congenial and laid-back, while the others seemed pretentious and a bit self-absorbed.  That paradigm persisted years later yet, when my wife was studying stage design.

The spotlight has its perks, but mostly only when I'm on the stage.  Somehow, behind the scenes seems hella more fun.

(Oh, and I should mention that I'm one of those people that loves to read the credits at the end of a movie, even when there isn't a bonus scene snuck in.)

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2 thoughts on “QotD: Almost Famous

  1. Mr. Val and I are all about the credits. Not that we go to the theater often anymore, but when we did, we'd always piss off the ushers because we'd be the last two hold-outs during the whole credits.


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