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Yes, Craig Shoemaker made some children’s books.

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What You Have Now... What Your Mommy Had Then
What You Have Now: What Your Daddy Had Then

The Craig Shoemaker books Cimmy ordered arrived!
Yes, this is the same guy that does the Lovemaster comedy act.  Yes, those are children's books!  Yes, he refers to them in his stand-up acts.

A few samples:

"You have… sushi.  Daddy had… fish sticks!"
"You have aromatherapy.  Mommy had… Vicks Vapo-Rub!"

"You have…styling products.  Mommy had… hairspray!"
"You have…a cellular phone.  Daddy had… two cans and a string!"

(yes, I realize the cover of the "Daddy" book isn't showing up… very odd)

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