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Getting Things Done


For some quick information on what Getting Things Done (GTD) is:

Wikipedia: Getting Things Done
7P Productions: A Primer on Getting Things Done

(I need to see if my local library has a copy of this book– aha, one copy that's currently checked out.)

The second link may be more helpful for those of you that are familiar with flow charts/diagrams.

What does this have to do with me?  Well, I found out about GTD through 43 Things and 43 Folders.  I use 43 Things currently as a blog site to sort my goals, currently, and if I understand it right, the family of sites (43 Things, 43 People, 43 Places, etc.) is loosely based on the GTD philosophy.

I wanted to delve into it a little further, and so I looked for software/online sites that would allow me to implement the strategy.  Vitalist, so far, seems to be working best.  I looked at others, but they seemed more geared to business: trial subscriptions, elaborate set-ups, etc.  I tried to implement the idea with Google's Sunbird, but as I'm not well acquainted with the GTD philosophy yet, that didn't quite work.  Besides, I may be able to import some information from Vitalist to Sunbird.

My apologies if this is tech Greek to some of my Neighborhood/friendslist.  In a nutshell: I am using Vitalist and GTD as tools to complete some life goals.

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Author: jaklumen

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3 thoughts on “Getting Things Done

  1. I too am a recent convert to GTD, coming over from the Covey camp after decades. I found an application that allows me to access my GTD at work on my Windows computer, on my Mac at home and even on my cell phone. And, I, like you, also have my goals in my GTD. You can read about my experiences in a recent blog post at


  2. These are wonderful tools! I had no idea this kind of thing was out there — wish I'd had it years ago, for work.! Wow. Thanks for posting– I bookmarked and will go back.jaklumen — how are you? I'm waaaaay behind in reading posts but I don't think I've noticed anything from you lately about the swimming or P/T — is it still helping? I hope so.


  3. I haven't been writing as much about it as of late. I'll post an update.


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