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Star Wars d20 RPG: Saga Edition

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I'm thinking about giving the Saga Edition a try, and since MATTEUS was so eager to point out the lack of Star Wars material on my own VOX, here I am writing about it.

This is essentially the third installment for the d20 system; Star Wars: Revised was the previous one.

RPGnet d20 review of  the Saga Edition

Quick summary: this is basically a revision of a revision.  They've streamlined a lot of the mechanics to simplify things and to conform a little better to standard RPG (for example, the Wounds system was simply converted to the hitpoints system),  I'm not sure if any supporting materials have been published for it yet, but as RPG tabletop/pen and paper enthusiasts have already noticed, you can draw on publications from previous editions and retrofit.

Now I know that some people are still fans of West End's d6 system.  I'll admit, six-sided dice are so much more common and so much cheaper and easier to get, but I think my GM <lj user="onathrin>'s sentiments against the system are quite fair:

  1. The wild die quickly imbalanced many a combat situation or what have you.  You could make a spectular success, or very dismally fail.
  2. The points system was far too easy for powergamers/munchkins/twinkies/cheesers to exploit.  Such players could make very powerful characters, while others might make comparatively weak characters, all at the same level.
  3. He said this went for NPCs, too: it was very difficult to make consistent, uniform NPCs.  See #2.
  4. I hated the d6 1st edition templates:  It was pretty obvious that more players wanted to play the Minor Jedi rather than The Kid (i.e., like Luke before he felt the Force).

But like I said, most gamers I know are going to take what works for them, and scrap what they don't like.  My point is that the Saga Edition seems like a very stable, solid system for those looking to play Star Wars with an RPG tabletop/pen and paper setting for the first time, or even for the… nth time.

Cross-posted also to LiveJournal for benefit of said GM.

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