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Not all webcomics are teh funny.


LiveJournal does a lot of syndicated feeds to various websites, including this one.  This entry simply rocked the community hard, like an unexpected SLAP on the face out of nowhere.

…which was my first, immediate reaction.  (I have worn both their sets of shoes.)  I realize, however, that life is sometimes as raw, as cutting, and as painful as this– in that very sudden, yet very simple happenstance.

To me, it seems to be necessary to taste the very bitter to fully appreciate the very sweet.

I still cry each and every time I read this, however.

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Author: jaklumen

Wherever you see "jaklumen", that's me- the username is still unique as of the current year. Be aware that the facet you see, is only a small part of the me that is me.

4 thoughts on “Not all webcomics are teh funny.

  1. I'm sorry….I can't figure out what happened. I understand that two people are involved…and one is getting ready to be taken away by an ambulance…but I just can't figure out what happened. Please explain…
    Thx !!


  2. These are two major characters of the series. If you read back in the archives a ways, it should be apparent that they are very much in love and have a relationship together.The alternate text for the comic reads "Oh, look, the 'make everything better' button was here behind the bookshelf all along."It's a wry commentary on suicide and self-harm, and that many people often feel very powerless when a loved one faces such tendencies or thoughts.


  3. Thanks very much for taking the time to explain….I thought it might be something like that but just wanted to know for sure….


  4. Having lost a close family member to suicide I found this one a little tough to read.


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