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Bizarre tastes.


I remember the first time I had anchovies on a pizza.

It was many, many, many years ago.  I can't remember the year.  It was at the Godfather's in Richland, I believe; an Arby's is there now.  I was with my father, and I begged for a small pizza with just anchovies on them, for I was very curious to see what the fuss was all about.  He suggested I should get one other topping I was sure I liked, so that there was a likely chance I'd eat it.  Ok, pepperoni it was.

I can still remember him making faces as I happily scarfed it down.

Fast forward to last night.  We were at Hubby's, and we got my favorite "Hubby's Down Under Wunder Blunder" with pineapple, green peppers, backbacon, shrimp and I forget what else– and I saw that they had oysters and anchovies as "side orders".  Well, I thought that they would be just on the side, separate, by themselves.  I was a bit surprised when they put it on a small "peewee" sized pizza.  Oh well, that was just fine.

I can still remember Cimmy making faces as I happily scarfed about half of it down.

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Author: jaklumen

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4 thoughts on “Bizarre tastes.

  1. I tried anchovies a couple of times, a number of years ago, and they were much better than I had anticipated. I'd put them on pizza now, but since moving to the Northeast I've been on a cheese-only pizza diet. In the Midwest you want lots of toppings on a thick crust, and that's ok…BUT, in the Northeast, greasy, thin, garlicy and topped only with cheese is the only way to go. 🙂 I bet Cimmy was pretty cute when she was making faces! Haha!


  2. Even worse, we offered our daughter an opportunity to try it. She agreed and only bit into her piece before making a face, putting it down and refusing to finish it. Jak scarfed this down, too. I later asked our princess what her favorite pizza toppings would be and she responded "anything except anchovies."


  3. Hey, whatever works !!


  4. Yipes! I've never had anything on a pizza toher than the cheese and tomato, and herbs. Trying to imagine the combinations of flavors…


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