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Daft Punk

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Those that know me fairly well know I am quite fond of the electronica genre.

Daft Punk in particular has been one of my favorite bands of late.  They are a duo based in France, and Homework was released the year I was finishing up undergrad studies at Central Washington University, in 1997.  The album on the whole was a little difficult for me to digest– according to Wikipedia, it was regarded as "an innovative synthesis of techno, house, acid house and electro styles"(*)– perhaps such a mix of rather differing styles explains it.

"Da Funk" and "Around the World" were two cuts I noticed and loved right away, however.  I found them to be even more catchy when I saw the videos produced for them.  I'd say they speak for themselves, although "Da Funk" won critical accolades:

Although I haven't bought anything of theirs since Homework, everything I was hearing and watching from them on the radio and YouTube I really liked.  It seems they decided to settle into more of an electropop groove, and that's fine by me.  I didn't even know about their "robot" costumes they wear while on stage (see the wallpaper below)– this just keeps getting better and better!

I was looking around this morning for some good images for desktop wallpapers, and most of what I found I was unhappy with.  Before anyone says "nice artwork", please, let me emphasize this: it's not mine.  The background was found here and the logo is a recent version (possibly culled from an album- as I haven't bought any music in years, I'm not sure) that's been kicking around the Web for a little while.  The two were layered together into a composite .PNG image using Paint.NET, an imaging software tool produced not far from here at Washington State University.

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