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Best dance scene ever filmed?

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As my grandparents are not terribly literate with the latest technology, I tend to get the same forwarded e-mails from them over and over again.

But here's my grandfather hadn't sent before: a video and a short text commentary.

Here's the video:

(The video I was sent had better video quality)

and the text (I've had to reformat it a bit as it's a cut-and-paste– highlight it if it doesn't show up):

WOW! Even if you remember it, enjoy it again. If you don't and are too young to even have seen some of the old films, be ready to be impressed.

The dancers are Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell.
The year: 1940 (67 years ago).

The narrator is Frank Sinatra.
It was filmed in ONE unedited camera shot.

!!! Remarkable!!!

Be sure your speakers are on.

This is considered by many as the best dance scene ever filmed.

While I agree this is very impressive, and probably one of the most impressive of all time, it's not the film I think of first, at least in my generation.  (Besides, I replied to my grandfather that I was more of a Gene Kelly fan.)  What would that be?  Read on to the next post.

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One thought on “Best dance scene ever filmed?

  1. Gee, they were so good. I grew up watching those old movied in B&W on a little TV, on Saturday afternoons – before UHF came along! Loved them! they really were good, you know?


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