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Best dance scene ever filmed? (Part 2)


The video Thriller is considered one of the best music videos of the MTV era.  Here's an edit of just the dance scene:

I think it's one of the best for my generation (compared to my earlier post), and here's why, according to MTV Network's documentation itself (from VH1's "Video Killed The Radio Star" music video documentary, I believe):

Now, I couldn't find their original freeze-frame, so I had to make one myself.  Look at the white line I added and notice that nearly *all* of the dancers are jumping in the air at the same time.  Eleanor Powell's footwork perfectly synchronized with Fred Astaire's in Broadway Melody is indeed impressive, but in sheer terms of muscle memory, I'm going to say it's far more impressive to see a large group of dancers all jump at the same time and at nearly the same height without missing a beat.

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3 thoughts on “Best dance scene ever filmed? (Part 2)

  1. Yes WOW this was phenomenal! I like the white line you drew- I never watched this carefully enough to notice, but oh, my that couldn't have been easy to get a bunch of dancers to do that! It (Thriller) had an impact on other videos, and the enitre music industry, didn't it?


  2. Wiki entries: Thriller (album)Thriller (music video)Judging from what I remember at the time and researching it later (not just from these Wiki entries, but MTV network's own reflections on it), the album and the music video together totally blew the industry away. Until its release, the best selling album was "Saturday Night Fever", I believe.Although director John Landis (An American Werewolf in London) directed another MJ video, and other greats like Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola also directed later videos (according to the Wiki), none were as bombastically popular as Thriller. The hype as I remembered it just seemed to go on and on, at least for the full year or so since it was released.Without a doubt, he was the King of Pop. His total immersion in the industry since his early youth seems to finally be drowning him slowly, however, as accolades have turned to mockery. He never had a chance to emotionally mature– a little boy remaining in a man's body– tragic.


  3. you have to love vincent price in the song – as well as the video directed by john landis.i recently saw landis' "deer woman" for the master of horror on dvd special editions and his son is JUST like his dad, it's very funny to see.v


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