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New Doctors! Oh, how fun.


Counties nix mental health contract with Sunderland
No Contract for Sunderland

I read these stories and basically waited to hear what the word would be since I am one of the 1,100.  Yesterday, that word came in a letter from the Human Services department of Benton and Franklin Counties, saying basically my records had been moved.My experience with them was not bad (better overall than with Nueva Esperanza) but not very good, either.  I had an excellent case manager recently that left to work closer to home.  We made an agreement to send my files to the Records department since he couldn’t honestly recommend anyone else.  I decided to go ahead later and put out some feelers, and had that confirmed.  The guy who called to follow up on my message sounded diffident and flaky.  Damn.

I wasn’t comfy with the psychiatrist, either.  I was warned he basically had a vendetta against caffeine, which was fine since I learned from hard experience it and me don’t mix.  But with no counseling in place, I found his brisk and somewhat impersonal demeanor harder to deal with.

To cut right to the point, I had contemplated moving to the agency my records were moved to.  There was a counselor there I figured I could trust, since he is a family friend, but I could not see him due to conflicts of interest before.  (It was shortly after my last inpatient visit.)  But I did not expect my hand to be forced so soon, and not of my own volition.  I figured I’d give the doc at Sunderland a chance, even though he did not seem to understand my eating and sleeping behaviors were too wacky to get a proper cholesterol test along with the usual med and TCH levels (thyroid) crap.  Stories with the vampires… errrr, phlebotomists will be another time.  (Lab work… good times.  Heh.)

So now I have to call the records department at Sunderland again (because I had to do this for my disability hearing) and make sure they sent the right records, and then call the new place and make sure they got it, *and* schedule a new appointment.

Isn’t it great when the news affects YOU directly?  (Not really.)

Author: jaklumen

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4 thoughts on “New Doctors! Oh, how fun.

  1. Oh, that upheaval is traumatic. I hope it all gets sorted out soon and you can feel at ease with everything.


  2. It's par for the course. I always am moved to a new psychiatrist every so often.


  3. Really? That seems discomfiting- unless you want it to happen. And inefficient — Doesn't it take time to get to know one another, etc?


  4. The doctors have been inclined to play musical chairs among the three agencies as of late. I was at one to reconnect with a long-time doc, and then he left, saying a temporary arrangement had lasted seven years. Then one came over from another. Counseling arrangements weren't working out, so I went back to the one I was at a number of years ago. Then the psychiatrist there left to take the place of the other one that moved out East, so then I got a new doc again.Now I get a new one! That doesn't count the different docs I've had inpatient, however.Sometimes I have time to get to know the doctor, sometimes I don't.


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