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QotD: Should’ve Seen Them Live

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Which band or artist which is no longer performing or alive would you have loved to have seen?
Submitted by Rev Stan.

I fell in love, so to speak, listening to a couple of my folks' old LPs– "Summer Breeze", in particular.  I went out and bought the album pictured on cassette, and I played it a lot in cassette walkmans and the car stereo cassette player of our old Caravan.

It seems they were big at a time when hippie culture was very deep into alternative religions, and in general, were a little bit more comfortable with expressing religious belief, albeit not affiliating as much with organized religion.  They are Ba'hai and brought the religion to the spotlight, as they referenced Ba'hai holy writ several times in their songs and wrote lyrics that reflected Ba'hai beliefs.  As such, although they composed in a Western style, there was Eastern instrumentation in a number of their songs.

I felt a great deal of peace listening to their music.  Although I would define my faith along mainstream lines of Christianity (especially those that are LDS), I'm generally not as comfortable with "Christian pop".  The music does have a very pop feel to them (they are often categorized as soft rock), but is fairly reverent at the same time.

Their tour a number of years ago included the Gorge at George (central Washington state), but I missed the chance to see them in concert.

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